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Did you know that if you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997, you are very restricted in what you can tow. Your car and trailer together, cannot weigh any more than 3500kg. Most caravans, horse boxes and twin axle trailers will put you over this weight.

I can provide the training you need to gain the B+E category on your driving license. This will allow you to tow a trailer up to 3500kg so long as the combination of vehicle and trailer is less than 8.25 tonnes.

Gaining the B +E entitlement is essential if towing is part of your job or even for leisure purposes, towing trailers and caravans.

Many people are not aware that without this entitlement, you are very restricted in what you can tow. If you do go over the weight you're allowed, you could be in big trouble! Driving otherwise in accordance to your driving license and it will also invalidate your insurance. Other than the legal requirements, it just isn’t safe. You have to be aware of all the risks involved in driving an articulated vehicle. If done properly, this can be challenging but fun.

Even if you do have the B+E entitlement, you may feel uneasy about towing. I can give practise sessions to boost your confidence and highlight the rules and safety procedures involved with towing.

During the sessions, we will drive on a variety of roads including motorways. We will also look at and practise reversing with a trailer. For test purposes, this is a reverse slalom into a parking bay.

Tests will be taken at the DVSA site in Leighton Buzzard

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